What is Agrostorm?

Agrostorm is an agricultural company that focuses on collaborative farming. We provide opportunities for individuals to engage in secure and profitable agricultural projects.

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With Agrostorm, you can invest in profitable cash crops such as cashew, cocoa and palm fruits and earn recurring income annually for a period of 20 to 30 years.

Agrostorm projects are co-funded between the company and investors and profit is shared annually after every harvest.

All Agrostorm projects are insured against loss and our business operations are audited by reliable and trusted third party auditing firms for transparency.

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Insured, Audited, Profitable


Find some our recent projects below.

How it Works

Step 1

Open Account

To begin, create an account on our website by providing us with basic information about yourself.

Step 2

Invest In Project

After viewing a list of our ongoing projects, you can proceed to invest in whichever suits you

Step 3

Get Annual Profit

After investing, you get a share of the annual profit after every harvest according to the size of your investment

19 500

Tons of harvest


Employed farmers

9 000

Hectares of farm


Farm equipments

Our Partners

Our projects and business processes are made possible with the help of our partners.